LOST WEEKEND—our saddle pals for over 30 years—the best Western Swing on the Coast:
JIM PASSARD—for a Lost Cat, he sure knows his way around a swing song:
STEVE HATHAWAY'S WESTERN SWING JOURNAL—Bob Pinson aside, Steve knows more about WS and roots music than any ten other people we know:
WESTERN SWING MONTHLY—Barbara Martin’s indispensible who’s who and where and when:
SACRAMENTO WESTERN SWING SOCIETY—The home base of the real deal in California:
JEANNIE AND CHUCK—honkytonk angels:
EMILY BONN AND THE VIVANTS—the Retrobates’ own Prairie Songbird’s a writer and bandleader to boot:
MELISSA COLLARD—A wonderful jazz singer and rhythm guitarist who tosses her reins over the Lone Star Retrobates hitch rail now and again. She has made a couple of killer CDs. Our own Fiddle Ray Landsberg produced her “Old Fashioned Love” CD.
DOUG BLUMER—Ass-kickin’ Bakersfield bar-band songwriter buddy of ours:
MITCH WOODS AND HIS ROCKET 88s—Mitch has great taste—he loves us—and right back at him:
HICKS WITH STICKS—the Bay Areas’s best roots and alt-country calendar. Jose Segue and Steve Hathaway’s offspring:
BOWMAN SOUND—A kind of a nice feller for a cowpoke to know, John Bowman not only lassoed us into his studio, but his PA wrangling has cut trouble off at the pass for us on a Gig From Sonic Hell or two, and we’re much obliged. He is so good he makes us sound better than we actually are! He has been doing live sound and recording since he was a teenager, from reel-to-reel to digital. He is a few days older than Mylos, which the Trailboss finds somehow comforting.
VICTOR LANDWEBER—our git-tar-floggin’ Webmaster hisself: