For bookings call Mylos: 415-516-1028
SERVICES AND REPRESENTATION — Of course you can contact us directly with gig proposals, but we should also mention a few select Talent and Event Coodinators who have listed us in their rosters. These are companies we have personally worked with, that we feel can be relied upon to put together successful events ranging from street fairs and city fairs, jazz and harvest festivals, weddings, corporate parties, birthday celebrations, cast parties, hay rides, civic arts events,, etc.
Entire Productions: contact or or call 415-291-9191—great people to work with.
Steve Restivo Event Services is an outfit we have worked with; contact or call 415-456-6455.
Bay Music and Entertainment, Inc., formerly Cardinal Productions, is perhaps the leading Events Production company in the Bay Area, and we have done many large events with them: Contact Kent Strand at, or call 415-982-8000. You can check out their web page at
We have provided such ancillary services as western catering and décor, square or swing dance instruction, and trick rope artists for companies like these—and we can work directly and personally with you.