Twenty fingers: Our pals, Mitch Woods and Scott Lawrence, play four-handed boogie with the Lonestar Retrobates at the Presidio Yacht Club, Sausalito.  
  The Lonestar Retrobates at the historic 23 Club, Brisbane, playing Bottle Baby Boogie, featuring Trail Boss Mylos Sonka, vocal, and Ray Green, trumpet. They are playing dances on the first Saturday night each month from December 2012 through May 2013.  
  The Lonestar Retrobates rip it up at the Oakland City Center, playing Louis Jordan's Choo Choo Cha Boogie.  
  Blues for Dixie, performed by the Lonestar Retrobates at their regular gig at the 19 Broadway Niteclub in Fairfax, California, May. 2011. O.W. Mayo, Bob Wills' manager, is given writer's credit, but music historian Steve Hathaway says that it was probably actually written by Cindy Walker.  
The Retrobates' closing theme, a medley of The Roundup's Over and The End of the Line—an homage to the Texas Playboys and the Four Freshmen, here given LSR's unique cowjazz treatment, wherein Barbour meets Bob Wills.  
  The Retrobates play Blues for Dixie with world-famous steel-guitar wizard, Vance Terry. And that’s Texas Drummer Boy Johnny Cuviello riding herd in the back, with Mylos, Bruce Stelter, Piper Heisig. Fiddle Ray Landsberg is off camera.
  Rawhide, performed by the Lonestar Retrobates, at the 19 Broadway Niteclub, Fairfax CA. Video by Cheryl Tanasovich.  
  “Steel Fingers” —In this mini-documentary by San Francisco filmmaker Keith Azoubel, Mylos talks about life, music, and playing steel guitar.
  Mylos Sonka, Bill DeKuiper, Ned Ripple, and Steve Strauss—one of many incarnations of the jump swing group On the Air. This was taped for Mal Sharpe's Grammy-winning "Hello Columbus" PBS special in 1987.  
  Here’s a great video, taken with a drone by one of our fans, of the band at the Presidio Yacht Club with a view out over the water of the Golden Gate and the PYC.  
  Mitch Woods rocking with the Retrobates at our monthly second Sunday Dance Under The Golden Gate at the Travis Marina Bar & Grill.  
  Hear a recording on YouTube of Mylos playing with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, recorded in March, 1967. Many thanks to my old partner Butch Waller for giving me the heads-up about this YouTube recording.